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TRUSSES (overlap) on MiTek technology

The wooden construction  with connecting plates.

The international corporation MiTek Industries specializes in certain areas of the building and its many branches are represented on all five continents. It holds a leading position on construction markets of most developed countries.

Efficient and cost-effective technology of MiTek, intended for the design, manufacture and installation of wooden structures:

• overlap trusses;

• roof trusses;

• lattice frame;

• formwork for concrete structures.

Lightweight wooden trusses on connection plates are widely used not only in low-rise, industrial construction, but the attic construction and renovation projects. Building technology MiTek consists of roof construction made of wood trusses.

Trusses are made of dry (moisture of wood is not more than 18%), planed (roughness of longitudinal sides is not more than 200 um) boards of softwood at least II class. Timber goes through drying chamber becomes sterile and will not be damaged by the pests. High-quality plated timber four-fold increases its fire resistance in case of fire, the fire slides on its surface and does not penetrate into the material. Truss elements are interconnected with metal toothed plates by MiTek.

Advantages of MiTek technology (price / quality ratio with other technologies (materials):

1). Material consumption is minimal, wood consumption is:

•for covering is 0,03 … 0,05 m3 / (m2 horizontal surface of the roof).

2). Computer design and prefabrication manufacturing of floor structures and roofs – allows production of constructions with dimensional accuracy to the millimeter, which eliminates the need for time-consuming fitting of structures on the site. Delivered elements of structure are ready for installation.

3). Small construction time. (Because of the factory manufacturing). The installation time of the frame truss construction of wooden trusses can reach the performance of 30 m2 of the horizontal projection of the roof in the day by a team of 4 people. Building with this technology does not require any lifting mechanisms, the entire installation is manual and does not require highly skilled workers. The installation of roof membrane, insulation, exterior finish, lining networks, interior decoration are made quickly, thanks to the convenience of the frame design concept.

4). It is easy to calculate the cost of production the specific consumption of materials is known:

• for roof constructions the timber consumption – 0,025-0,035 m3 per m2 of the horizontal projection of the roof, connecting plates – 0.09 – 0.12 m2 per 1m2 of the horizontal projection of the roof.

• consumption of material for overlaps depends on the project of house (its size), and approximately of 0.1 m3 per m2 of the total area of the house. The concept of construction technology is based on three MiTek

main components:

• metal gear plate MiTek (MSY)

• machining equipment

• Software

The basis of the MiTek system is a metal tooth plate – can significantly reduce the consumption of materials, and the weight of structures. For the installing of the plate construction, site requires special equipment. Computer design allows to perform the analysis and prepare a detailed specification for all items at the shortest terms. The standard plate is made of double-sided galvanized steel with a zinc cowering of 275 g/m2, which pressed out spikes that connect the elements. All types of connection plates of MiTek companies are subject to strict quality control and are certified according to European standards. With MiTek system can be made projects in accordance with the whole variety of standards – EC5 with national design standards in different states of DIN etc.

The other basis of the MiTek system are trusses, connected at the nodes with steel plates. Because of prefabricated structural elements of a roof (trusses), significantly reduced construction time, constructions delivered to the construction site are ready for installation. With industrially made bearing trusses can build any type of roofs, attics etc., including the renovation of buildings and flat roofs, designed in a wide range of configurations – as standard trusses with height to 5 m and frame, arched and other forms. These trusses can be without the support spans up to 30 m, they replace the traditional connections by the pillars and rafters. Trusses with a span of more than 30 m without internal supports are widely used in the design of long-span structures. Trusses with connecting plates can be found in the warehouse, sports, agricultural and commercial buildings.

The advantages of long-span structures with tooth plates have an influence on the price of the design and construction:

• corrosion resistance;

• quick and easy installation that does not require heavy mechanization;

• the ability to perform large span without internal supports;

• easy and economical installation of heating, electrical wiring, sanitary equipment, climate control systems, etc.;

• material savings during the laying of the foundation of the building (internal main walls, the distribution of wires);

• does not require high skilled workers.

Advantages of the design of Mitek can be briefly described with the words: