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The base of a prefabricated house is thermopanel. Variants of manufacturing technologies of thermopanels you can find below. The Installation is very quick (from 2 to 7 days), the most of  operations have already been made at the factory. Panels of the exact size are installed on the places then are attached to the foundation and / or ceiling, connecting joints are sealed. On prefabricated houses can be set different facades in accordance with your wishes: brick, stone, fiber cement siding, stucco, metal, wood plank paneling, etc. Wood paneling, we can install and paint at the factory.

Truss roof system consists of a truss made of dry planed wood, fastened with galvanized metal toothed plates MiTek. Inner parts of panels can be covered in accordance with the appointment of premises. The foundation is made in accordance with normal rules of construction. For houses that we produce the foundation of small burial is suitable and it saves money in the process of construction.

Houses made of thermopanels, in addition to all other qualities, provide the highest level of energy efficiency, with a relatively small thickness of the walls. It is provided by the using of the modern wall structure insulation.

 Thermopanel based on the framework of the thermal profile